Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Created this quick card using a sketch from 2 Sketches 4 You. The heart embellishment is simply 2 pieces of felt cut into heart shapes. It is finished off by stitching with embroidery floss and a button.

What is this, you might ask? Everything outside (and inside) our home is coated in these disgusting coats of pollen. I had just hosed down the deck and the patio set last night and this morning it was back just as bad as the previous night! Growing up in the North, the moment the weather started to become nice, we opened the windows for the season. Here in the deep South, no one opens their windows and they tend to run their a/c 12 months out of the year.

Disappointed as I was, I shut all the windows until pollen season is over. Anyway, this morning was spent cleaning the kitchen floor and counters! I still have the scraptorium and the livingroom to do!

We are in high pollen status right now. If you are interested, check out


  1. That is a sweet card. We get a yellow type of pollen on everything. But right now I am just looking forward to some greenery starting to sprouting.