Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nothing crafty for you today -- trying to finish up a halloween mini album for my granddaughter, Caroline.

Been spending lots of time in the kitchen lately. Last night's dinner was french dip sandwiches. And, yes they were delicious.

Over the weekend, we made zucchini salsa. It's a new recipe and we thought it sounded interesting. It called for 10 pint jars, but since my canner only holds 7, we cut the recipe in half and it only filled 4 pint jars. Since I'm out of nacho chips, we haven't tried it yet. Seems we're always out of something!

Finished this Nicholas Sparks book over the weekend. Although it is a typical Sparks book, I enjoyed it more than some of his others.


  1. I love Nicholas Sparks too, but haven't read anything since Nights in Rodanthe (which I actually really liked, even though many others didn't).

    Your salsa looks yummy! What I'm really interested in though, is how you made your au jus for the french dip sandwiches? Beef stock? (I love 'em!)

  2. I have read a couple of his books.
    I think my girlfriend has everyone of his books.
    Your salsa sounds interesting, keep us posted with how it tastes.
    Supper sounded yummy :)