Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to my roots

Well, after pondering whether to do the embroidery sampler or not, I decided to go back to my roots and pick up counted cross stitch again. This was one of the first needlecraft hobbies I took up as a teenager. When I lived in Massachusetts, I would frequent a lovely shop in Plymouth, called The Sampler. Although they had quite a variety to choose from, I found myself drawn to the primitive styles. So I just placed an order with them for 3 new charts from Heart in Hand. I only wish there were some decent cross stitch shops nearby.

I moved twice, though, since I last cross stitched, I cannot find the magnetic board and stand I had to hold the charts. Oh, well, I can probably pick one up at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I did find a couple of primitive charts in the garage that I loved. Since I've done the sampler and the heart, I guess I'll do the house.

That's it for today; we are in the midst of a horrific thunderstorm!


  1. I was just thinking the same thing the other day about going back to cross stitch.

  2. I have x-stitched my fingers to the bone years ago. I have never heard of a magnetic board though.